Adelaide Pop up Weddings: Venue, Celebrant & Photographer.

We have teamed togeather SA's top Venues - Celebrants - Photographers in one Wedding Package

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Celebrant + Venue + Photographer = Affordable...
Filling the gap between a large Wedding and the Registry Office in Adelaide

Adelaide Pop Up Weddings offers you a choice of stunning locations, a Celebrant to prepare and conduct a beautiful and personal ceremony as well as a professional Photographer to capture the emotions, fun and laughter that goes along with such a special day.

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task for many couples. Quite often it can be brushed aside and put off as the pressures of daily life increase, The increasing costs of living, family, and many other circumstances can put a couples plans on the back burner and they would prefer to put their time and money into the things that mean the most to them…… family, kids and each other.

We are hoping to provide these couples with an affordable beautiful ceremony at a stunning location and a photographer to capture all of the intimate moments! They will also have the choice of sharing such a special moment with the people that are dearest to them.

As we all know everyone is individual and has their own ideas. Some couples would like to keep such a special day to themselves while others would like to shout from the roof tops! And this is what makes being involved in the wedding industry such a fantastic fulfilling job…..Every wedding and couple are different!!

Every couple involved in a “Pop Up Wedding” have a choice. If they want a big reception/party after their ceremony we can point them in the right direction. If they want a beautiful dress, wedding car or cake we can suggest many fantastic suppliers for them to contact that would love to help make their day all that more special.

The “Adelaide Pop Up Weddings” team just hope to provide some couples with a ceremony at a beautiful location and a photographer to capture the special moments. 

If you have any questions at all, we would love to have a chat! 

Warmest Regards,

Chris Churchill - Celebrant & Glenn Alderson - Photographer

Co-Founders, Adelaide Pop Up Weddings

Every person we dealt with was just amazing. Everyone went above and beyond to make us feel special and make our day perfect. Even though this was the cheaper option, you wouldn't know it. We didn't miss out on anything and got everything we wanted. 

Amy & Rick - Glanville Hall Wedding

"Just Say I Do"
from $1,695


And remember 

“Adelaide Pop Up Weddings” 

may not be for every couple, but every couple deserves their special day no matter what that might be!

Chris & Glenn - Founders of APUW